febr. 2006
Biowar for Dummies
How hard is it to build your own weapon of mass destruction? A crash course in supervirus engineering.
Israeli group announces anti-Semitic cartoons contest!
A Danish paper publishes a cartoon that mocks Muslims.
An Iranian paper responds with a Holocaust cartoons contest -
- Now a group of Israelis announce their own anti-Semitic cartoons contest!
Amitai Sandy (29), graphic artist and publisher of Dimona Comix Publishing, from Tel-Aviv, Israel, has followed the unfolding of the “Muhammad cartoon-gate” events in amazement, until finally he came up with the right answer to all this insanity - and so he announced today the launch of a new anti-Semitic cartoons contest - this time drawn by Jews themselves!
“We’ll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published!” said Sandy “No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!”
Hungarian PM appears on Internet as Hugh Grant
BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hungary's most famous fan of Hugh Grant has taken his enthusiasm for the actor to new heights.
A video clip available on the internet at http://dl.index.hu/trailer/2.wmv starts with Grant in the movie Love Actually, in the role of the prime minister peering out of the window in his room at 10, Downing Street.
But the man who then turns to face the camera is Hungary's Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, who goes on to dance to a pop song around his study.
Szabó István
Talán mégis jobb így: egyenként, elnyújtva, kis csöppekben. Van idő átgondolni minden esetet. És magunkat is: hogy korábban hogy gondoltuk, és most hogy, és miért másként, ha.
Lakatos a médiasztár
Rádiós csevely az összeesküvéselméletekről 2006 jan. 18-án a Radio Caféban. Szerény közreműködésemmel. Letölthető, meghallgatható :
Összeesküvéselméletek Radio Café 2006.01.18.