Még egy kis globális felmelegedés
Ami tulajdonképpen, ugye, igazából lehűlés...

+20° - Greeks put on sweaters (if they can find them).
+15° - Hawaiians turn on the heaters (if they have them).
+10° - Americans shake, Russians are planting cucumbers.
+5° - You can see your own breathing. Italian cars don't start. Norwegians take a bath. Russians drive with lowered windows.
0° - Water freezes in America, in Russia it thickens.
-5° - French cars don't start.
-10° - You're planning a vacation to Australia.
-15° - Your cat insists to sleep in your bed. Norwegians put on sweaters.
-18° - New York landlords turn on the heaters. Russians make their last seasonal picnic.
-20° - American cars don't start. People in Alaska start wearing long-sleeves.
-25° - German cars don't start. Hawaiians are dead.
-30° - Politicians start talking about homeless people. Your cat prefers to sleep in your pajamas.
-35° - Too cold to think. Japanese cars don't start.
-40° - You're planning a 2-week hot tub bath. Swedish cars don't start.
-42° - Transportation stops in Europe. Russians eat ice cream on the street.
-45° - All Greeks are dead. Politicians really start doing something for the homeless.
-50° - Your eyelids start sticking when you blink. In Alaska, people close the window in the bathroom.
-60° - White bears start moving south.
-70° - Hell freezes.
-73° - Finnish special services evacuate Santa Claus from Lapland. Russians wear earmuff hats.
-80° - Lawyers put their hands in their own pockets.
-114° - Ethyl alcohol is freezing. Russians are unhappy.
-273° - Absolute zero, atomic movement stops. Russians wear boots.
-295° - 90% of the planet is dead. Russian soccer team becomes the world champion.
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